Websites hand-built in Canada since 2007

Alan Bristow started Clearly Convey Inc., a tiny web design studio, in 2007. Since then we've been delivering exceptional service, designing, producing and maintaining easy–to–use, attractive and accessible websites for clients near and far. Our work.

Ottawa & (some of) the world

From our base in Ottawa Ontario, we have worked with local clients, clients on the west coast, the US and the UK.

Remote project management

Good project management and intelligent use of technology has allowed us to effectively and efficiently work with all our clients, no matter their location.

Indeed we've not even met many of our clients in person but that hasn't stopped us building long, strong business relationships.

Service and value

We deliver great service not only through conscientious hard work, but also by rigorously following fair policies. For example our time service delivers expertise by the minute, no rounding up, and invoices made directly from clear and detailed timesheets allowing you to check or quiz any item.

Alan Bristow

Alan first coded for the web in 1999 but didn't turn from a career in I.T consulting to the web full time until 2006.

In 2006 he was lucky enough to be chosen by Kyan to temporarily join their team for a few months, prior to emigrating from the UK to Canada.

Years later and now a Canadian citizen, Alan enjoys both the cultures he's been lucky enough to experience, from Tim Horton's to Spaced.

Working with Kyan

Before Clearly Convey Inc. I was lucky enough to be hired by a great UK web design company, Kyan.

Back in 2006 I spent a highly enjoyable time with the Kyan team and left only because the commute grew too long (I emigrated to Canada),—Kon'nichiwa ^_^ Gav', Piers, Laurent and team!

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