We can help you with a number of things, for example website and web app design and development.

The cost of designing and building your new website or web app depends upon its specifics. However, to give you an idea of our charges, we've produced websites for $5k and up (and a few below $5k).

We find out about your project and then provide you with a no-obligation written proposal.

Proposals clearly define the scope of the project and are often based on a fixed charge.

Small items of work

We provide small items of work, that do not benefit from a written proposal, via our time service.

A standard hourly rate of $120/hour, and charging by the minute—no rounding up to some arbitrary larger increment—coupled with fastidious time recording courtesy of FreshBooks, allows us to invoice directly from timesheets, and allows you to check any item of billed time.

A few minutes work only costs a few dollars. See an example and read more about our time service.

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