Website and web app design and build

Our principal work is designing and building websites and web apps, this encompasses UI & UX design, graphic design and more. Here's how we do it.

Copywriting & SEO

In addition to design and build we also provide copywriting & SEO services (only white hat).


For our design clients we also offer hosting services. We don't host other peoples sites because we want to know what we're hosting (we care a lot about security). Our hosting is high quality, we use a large hosting provider whose reputation and service we have vetted and tested. Check our terms relating to hosting.

Advice (consulting lite)

The above services are all fine and dandy, but perhaps you just want to learn more; perhaps you are en-route to implementing a web project but just don't know enough to take your next step, whatever that may be. If that's you, then maybe we can help.

We know we rely on specialists who work in fields other than ours and we greatly value good advice given by nice people. We would like to pass this on and provide you, the web customer with great advice.

Some advice we can provide for free, even if you're not a client, just ask us and see if we can help. Other advice we don't charge for because you are an existing client and we will absorb the cost of the time. And if you want a lot of our time and value our advice then we will be happy to sell you time in order to provide lengthier advice.

We may be able to answer questions relating to getting your organization on Google My Business, help you with establishing Google Analytics for your website, or getting G Suite set up to deliver email and more to your organization.

Aside—G Suite

Clearly Convey Inc. has relied upon G Suite (formerly Google Apps) for email for almost 10 years and found it exemplary—much better than running a private email system.

We don't sell G Suite but if you're interested in using it for your organization's email then feel free to ask us about it. If we host your site then we can also arrange the settings needed to get G Suite to work with your domain.

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