Outdoor Living Decks

We enjoyed working with Outdoor Living Decks and worked hard to build a clean, responsive site.

Outdoor Living Decks home page

Reflecting natural materials

One of the enjoyable aspects of working with customers from all walks of life is the variety of design work you undertake.

We had an enjoyable time working to reflect the colours and textures of the materials our client worked with in the website we designed and built for them.

In the detail

Contact page viewed on a narrows screen device.Back in 2013 when we were designing the small screen view of our client's new site we as usual carried out user testing and found that one aspect of the site failed.

The Google map we had embedded in the site, when viewed on a mobile device would sometimes take the scrolling thumbs movement and move, rather than allowing the visitor to scroll the web page. So we ensured that when viewed on a mobile the map shrank down to a width that allowed a thumb to grab enough screen to scroll past.


What we did
Identity designWe designed the key recognizable brand attributes.
Website buildWe designed and produced the CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and graphic resources needed to build this website.
HostingWe provide hosting services.

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